This piece of writing is purely and fully influenced by a Spanish web series La casa de papel “The House of paper” aka Money Heist. It is a captivating series and very different in a ridiculously enjoyable way.

A crime drama, in which a group of people under a master mind Professor, carry out a challenging plan of robbing Royal Mint of Spain. The plan was to print billions of Euros by taking 67 people as prisoners to negotiate with the Ministry.

The hostages under the gun, made to wear uniforms and masks. They were given food, water and even the medical attention but everyone horrified and unsure if they will be alive while and after the robbery is over.

The irony is while watching the series; I related to both the hostages in a heist and the robbers who are showing their resistance against the system and revolting to succeed in their mission.

It has been over hundred days and we are still fighting Covid-19. Almost six million population across the world infected and rest affected by virus. This Pandemic has taken the entire world as its hostage.

Many of us are on unwanted and a very long vacation, everyone at home having hot meals with family, playing with children, watching web-series. But each one of us terrified and alarmed at the same time for their jobs, businesses, health and lives.

The stoic face mask of Dali robbers wore was a symbol of resistance and revolution. We are no different. Since the virus attack, everyone is wearing a mask as a resistance against the pandemic.

We see a sudden twist in Professor’s perfect plan. Arturo, who wants to come out of the situation and want to be a Hero at the same time lands up creating a colossal mess, where first Denver had to fake Monica’s killing and then a group of Security guards of Mint succeed to free themselves by killing Oslo.

The disagreement of hot-headed Tokyo and Berlin also disturbs the plan. They threw Tokyo out of the Mint and served to Police on a platter. Somehow, with help of Professor, she escapes and comes back to the Mint to continue the heist; and while protecting her from this stunt, Moscow loses his life.

Some of us are lovers of adrenaline; a group of people break the rules of lock down and self isolation, under the name of religious activity and creates havoc. They acted as seeds, and in no time the infected plants were all over country.

Over 360 thousand people have lost the battle of life till now. Many Doctors and nurses while dealing with the infected patients have got themselves the same illness and have bid adieu. But so did Oslo, Moscow and Berlin. Remember, at the end, they were successful.

Professor with his calm mind fought against all odds and took his team out of Mint with more than 2 billion Euros. But it all happened because the team obeyed his instructions, word by word.

If we also follow the words of our beloved Prime Minister, I am certain that with his calm mind and far-sighted vision, he will take us out of this heist. With his new slogan of Self-Reliant India, Make-in-India and Buy local, we will get many opportunities once this havoc is over.

Years ago, an Italian newspaper published this photo quoting “World in 2020” How Apt?

Yes, many people are affected by the downfall in the economy. They have lost their jobs; the businesses are shut, and still we are not in a position to open all the operations at once to correct this imbalance. I sympathize with all of them who had gone through this plight, separated from their family in quarantine, or saw their family members fighting life against this disease.

This virus has been a true teacher for everyone. It has taught us we have limited needs; we can live with basic things and can make up for lost time. The race of life is just to build the life-style. The malls, the restaurants, the overpriced supermarkets are unnecessary. It has shown us that there is no need of weapons, wars and terrorism. It trained us to depend on local items and by buying local we can make our country rich, able and self reliant.

After the first successful heist, Professor has to plan another robbery in Bank of Spain, not because they want to rob money or gold but to negotiate for the life of their gang member. Rio, a young guy who was head above heels in love with Tokyo, breaks the most important rule and jeopardized everything.

During second heist, we lost our favorite Nairobi, Lisbon captured by police and Professor had almost surrendered. Don’t be like Rio, we have passed Lock-down–1, 2 and 3, and phase 4 is going on. It is now in our responsibility that we don’t let the phase 5 come and affect us more.

This too shall pass. Let’s prepare ourselves to bid a goodbye to this pandemic and make good use of our freedom. We will have to try hard to maintain a balance of life on this earth with other living beings and keep the environment cleaner. Let us try to be a better living being.

Even when this passes, it may not be over. People will always be afraid for which disease will travel from which part of the world. We may have less unpolluted air, but we will continue to put masks out of fear. The masks have already become a recent trend; this freedom will come with fancy masks.

Not all Queens wear Crowns, Not all Angels have Wings. Not all Warriors wear Armor, And not all Heroes, wears Caps.

We are obliged to our front-line fighters, the Doctors, Paramedics, Police, Media and cleaning staff. Thanks to mom-n-pop shops, who had made the groceries and other necessary things available. A salute to all those women, who in these times worked around the clock without maids.

Be Safe! Be Healthy!